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Louisiana Last Wills and Testaments

This article provides a short summary of current Louisiana law on wills and testaments, reflecting a few changes that have occurred over the last several years. Louisiana does not recognize oral or verbal testaments. As such, there are only two (2) valid forms of Louisiana last wills and testaments, both of which must be in writing. One form is an olographic testament and the other is a notarial testament. The author must intend for the writing to be his or her last will and testament.  More

3rd Circuit Confirms Lack of Liability of Depository Bank

From classic employee embezzlement to outright theft and forgery, the number of incidents of dishonest and illegal activity related to checks and other negotiable instruments has increased in recent years in southwest Louisiana.  Generally, the perpetrators of these activities are eventually identified and prosecuted in some fashion.  While these individuals may pay a debt to society through the criminal system, they frequently contribute little or nothing to the civil damages which resulted from their willful acts.  The money acquired from the fraud was usually eaten, drunkor gambled away.  Regardless of the cause, the money simply disappears over a very short time and tangible property worthy of seizure almost never remains.   More

Workers’ Compensation: Supreme Court rules on Coverage for Post-Termination Injuries

Until recently, the Louisiana Supreme Court was silent as to the applicability of workers’ compensation in post-termination employee injury scenarios. Clearly, such a determination is of the utmost importance to self-insured employers and workers’ compensation insurers who could face liability for injuries sustained by employees after they are terminated or quit.   More

Getting Connected – the Future of Networking

As we the attorneys and staff at the Stockwell Sievert Law Firm unveil our new and improved website, we also found it appropriate to discuss the business and legal uses of some of the new technology we are employing.  As evidenced by the fact that, according to statistics, the number of social networking users has doubled since 2007 and now exceeds 55.6 million in the United States alone (or almost 1/3 of the US population), businesses must either get connected or get left behind.  We chose the former.  More

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