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Divorce Law FAQ’s

Stockwell Sievert Law Firm
      Under what circumstances will a divorce be granted?  

                         Divorce in Louisiana may be granted at different times for different circumstances.  

Couples with no minor children of the marriage may be granted a divorce after living separate and apart for six months. To better understand these terms, including the legal meaning of living "separate and apart", we advise you to speak to an attorney. 

If there are children of the marriage who are of minority age, then a married couple may have to live separate and apart for a year before a divorce may be granted. 

There are exceptions to these rules. Divorce may be granted immediately upon the other spouse committing either adultery or a felony accompanied by a sentence to death of imprisonment at hard labor. To better understand what constitutes sufficient proof of adultery, we advise you to speak to an attorney. 

    What are the primary other issues related to a divorce?    

                         There are other circumstances that may surround a divorce that you may need to consider: 

-Custody of the minor children. Who will be the domiciliary parent? What will visitation arrangements be? 

-Child support. 

-Spousal support. 

-Community property. How will the couple’s assets be divided? How will the couple’s debts be handled?

    If the spouses choose to begin living "separate and apart", when should the petition for a divorce be filed?

                         File the petition for divorce at the beginning of the separation.                          

We advise you to speak to an attorney about these issues and about issues you may not have considered. Click here to learn more about attorneys practicing family law within the Stockwell Sievert law firm.



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