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Ending a marriage, adding a child to your home through adoption and other family law concerns can alter the lives of you and your loved ones for years to come. Accordingly, it’s critical to retain an attorney who is well versed in the law and can find creative solutions to difficult problems. Stockwell, Sievert, Viccellio, Clements & Shaddock, L.L.P. in Lake Charles has served Southwest Louisiana since 1934 and provides knowledgeable counsel during divorces, adoptions and other matters relating to domestic issues.

Dedicated advocates provide strong support during the divorce process

Going through a divorce poses a variety of challenges, but an accomplished family lawyer can ease the transition and deliver comprehensive legal support for each aspect of marriage dissolution, including:

  • Mediation — Under the guidance of a qualified mediator, divorcing spouses can often avoid the time, expense and stress of a trial. Our firm serves as third parties during these proceedings and also advocates for Louisiana clients in these sessions as well as in court if consensus cannot be reached.   
  • Alimony — During discussions regarding temporary and permanent alimony payments, our attorneys outline how the spouses’ financial situations and other factors, such as fault, can affect a court’s decision on the subject. Whatever the circumstances are in your case, we press for a result justified by the facts and law in initial proceedings and matters relating to proposed modifications and termination. 
  • Child support — Child support rates are determined by several factors including the income of the custodial and noncustodial parents. Should disagreement exist about the veracity of information provided, we advocate on behalf of parents and also advise on modification and enforcement petitions.  
  • Custody — In situations involving child custody and visitation, our firm strives to maintain strong family bonds and establish a healthy environment for young people and their parents.
  • Community property — As a community property state, Louisiana requires couples to split assets acquired through the course of a marriage evenly if a previous arrangement was not formalized. We work to help ensure proper valuation and the correct classification of items as marital or separate property.

Thorough lawyers offer counsel on all types of adoptions

Whether you’re looking to adopt a child from Louisiana, another state or another country, it’s important to retain counsel from a knowledgeable family lawyer to prevent unnecessary complications and costs. We help clients understand the guidelines set forth by the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services as well the various placement options that are available. Some families prefer a closed adoption where there is no contact between the birth and adoptive families. In other situations, we can assist with an open adoption where the parties might wish to maintain contact even after the adopting family assumes legal parental rights. 

Detail-oriented attorneys work to draft sound prenuptial and postnuptial agreements

Couples who wish to set financial terms in the event that they divorce someday can establish a matrimonial agreement. Depending on whether it is executed before or after the wedding, it is either a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. These documents remove couples from the legal matrimonial regime and establish contractual terms addressing property division and spousal support. If want to make financial arrangements and avoid costly disputes if the marriage does not work out, we will help you create a fair, enforceable matrimonial agreement.

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Stockwell, Sievert, Viccellio, Clements & Shaddock, L.L.P. advises Louisiana residents on family law concerns, such as divorce and custody arrangements. To schedule a meeting at our Lake Charles office, please call 337-436-9491 or contact us online.   

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