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Southwest Louisiana divorce lawyers handle a full range of alimony issues

Resolving conflicts over alimony arrangements can be a complicated, emotional process. At Stockwell, Sievert, Viccellio, Clements & Shaddock, L.L.P. in Lake Charles, our accomplished Southwest Louisiana divorce lawyers aim to make the process easier by handling spousal support issues during negotiations and in court. After evaluating the circumstances in your case, we will explain how a judge might decide your alimony case based on the factors set forth in Louisiana law. From there, our attorneys are prepared to advocate for you, whether you depended on your spouse for income or earned most or all of the family’s funds. We are effective negotiators during settlement discussions and are always ready to argue your case in court if that’s the best way to achieve a favorable outcome.

Established firm advises on temporary and post-dissolution payments

Drawing on decades of experience, our firm provides thoughtful guidance on a full range of alimony concerns and can explain the three types of Louisiana spousal support:

  • Interim support — A long period of time can pass between a divorce filing and the ultimate dissolution of the marriage. Interim support is available under state law so that someone who relied on their spouse for income can meet their financial needs while the divorce proceeding is pending.
  • Periodic support — Usually, both parties are expected to support themselves financially after their marriage ends. However, a person who took care of the household might need some education or job training in order to establish or re-establish their ability to earn a suitable income. In these situations, periodic support can be awarded for the length of time that is deemed necessary for the recipient to develop financial independence. 
  • Permanent support — If a divorcing husband or wife is unable to make a suitable living after the marriage ends, permanent support could be granted. This type of relief is usually reserved for situations where the proposed recipient cannot work due to age, disability or an extraordinary child care responsibility.

The longer a marriage lasted, the more likely that a stay-at-home spouse will require alimony to make ends meet. This is a key element in deciding the duration of a spousal support schedule. Most obligations end upon the death of either party or when the recipient remarries or lives with a new romantic partner. However, if the order includes a provision by which someone must reimburse their ex for educational costs that they provided, that obligation might not be relieved. Whatever your situation entails, our knowledgeable family law attorneys can tell you what to expect.

Factors used by Louisiana courts during alimony determinations

In cases where alimony issues go before a judge, several factors are used to determine the outcome. As a threshold matter, the court determines the requesting spouse’s need and the potential providing spouse’s ability to make payments. Someone seeking support can be denied if the court finds they committed adultery or a felony crime during the marriage. Beyond that, factors that are considered include each spouse’s earning capacity, health, age and child custody arrangements.

Southern firm handles modifications and enforcement of existing orders

Circumstances can shift drastically without warning. A job loss, medical crisis or some other material change might justify modifying an alimony order that was fair at the time it was entered. On behalf of parties seeking changes and those who believe a modification is not warranted, our firm delivers strong advice and advocacy. We also handle enforcement issues when an ex-spouse fails to abide by the terms of a spousal support order.

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