Litigation Partnering with National or Regional Co-Counsel

Many international, national AND state-wide enterprises do business in Southwest Louisiana. While their executives and employees often have close ties to this area, the fear of the unknown in handling important litigation in state or federal court can still be quite daunting. During our firm’s +75 years in business in SWLA, we have frequently served as a guide to reducing that fear of the unknown.    This role can be equally important regardless of whether the enterprise needing local co-counsel is a plaintiff or defendant in the litigation. The same is true whether the lawsuit will be decided by a jury, or by a locally elected district court judge or panel of appellate court judges. Knowing more about the local playing field is the best means of reducing fear of the unknown, and learning more about the local elements is essential on the front end of the litigation, rather than after results that could be irreversible in some instances. 

Serving us local counsel in litigation matters usually requires a blend of assertiveness, tact and humility. For our firm, it has become common for the business and personal relationships formed with clients national and regional counsel to grow and expand over decades. There is nothing fortuitous about how those relationships have been cultivated - we recognize their value to our clients and to our firm, and we are diligent about doing everything we can to positively nurture them.

If a potential new client wishes to be provided with specific references illustrating our experience and reputation in this role in them, we will be happy to furnish them.

Louisiana Transaction Attorneys

While Louisiana has adopted large portions of the Uniform Commercial Code, our unique rules of law impacting all variety of transactions remain a mystery to clients whose commercial or personal business activities have normally been governed by common law and the statutory rules of other states. 

For example, an estate law provision unique to Louisiana might undermine title to property that is now essential to a large commercial operation. While the risks of any problem with the title to that property may be at least partially covered by title insurance, even in such a situation the risks to the business owner may be significantly underinsured. Likewise, in oil and gas transactions, private operators may be unaware that acreage they have purportedly acquired and made significant investments to explore and produce are subject to claims by other neighboring private landowners and/or the State. 

This firm has always maintained significant expertise in providing advice on issues like the example above as well as many similar issues arising under the application of Louisiana law. The depth of our expertise in these areas is underscored by our decades of leadership roles in the Louisiana Law Institute and the Louisiana Mineral Law Institute, as well as similar continuing legal educational organizations involving banking, bankruptcy, creditor rights, estate and probate laws, family law, insurance policies, and others.

If a potential new client wishes to be provided with specific references illustrating our experience and reputation in any particular area that is not already evident from other material on our website, then we will be happy to furnish them.

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