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Louisiana firm offers comprehensive advice on legal formalities

Whether you’re launching a startup or are seeking to expand the reach of an existing operation, skillful counsel on Louisiana business formation can help you safeguard personal assets and set your venture up for success. You have several different choices when establishing a legal entity and the accomplished attorneys at Stockwell, Sievert, Viccellio, Clements & Shaddock, L.L.P. outline the potential benefits and pitfalls of each option. From our office in Lake Charles, our firm prepares documents and provides counsel so that clients can establish a solid foundation for whatever lies ahead.

Experienced attorneys advise on the creation of corporations, partnerships and LLCs

By taking the time to learn about our clients’ particular situation and goals, we deliver insightful counsel on different ways to form a business legally, such as:  

  • Sole proprietorship — If you’re intending to create a sole proprietorship, you are not required to register with the Louisiana Secretary of State. However, you would be personally responsible for any debts or legal liability that your business incurs.
  • Partnership — In a general partnership, two or more individuals share ownership of the enterprise as well as legal liability for any valid claims made by creditors. Limited partnerships, or partnerships in commendam, shield the personal assets of all partners aside from the general partner. Some businesses are operated as family limited partnerships, where one family member maintains operative control but others maintain an ownership interest which might be beneficial for estate planning purposes.
  • Limited liability company — Combining some advantages of partnerships and corporations, limited liability companies have become a popular option. Our firm helps clients looking to start an LLC draft articles of organization and file them with the state.
  • Corporation — Owners of an authentic corporation are protected against personal exposure in nearly every case. This structure is typically used by larger operations, particularly those that might intend to issue public shares at some point. Depending on the company’s size, you might have the option to create an S corporation, which allows you to report business profits as individual income. The other option is a C corporation, under which the business entity itself is taxed.
  • Nonprofit organization — Under Louisiana law, nonprofit corporations must have at least three directors. Whatever goals you have for your new organization, we can explain how to maintain compliance with federal and state regulations, as well as how to gain 501(c)(3) tax status if you are starting a charitable organization.

As Southwest Louisiana attorneys with substantial experience handling transactions and business litigation, we offer practical advice that helps clients anticipate potential challenges and choose the appropriate legal entity.

Legal counselors draft effective founding documents

Founding documents that are authoritative and appropriate help companies set forth a set of guiding principles no matter what occurs in the future. By drafting articles of incorporation and other key documents, our firm works closely with startups to define the scope of recently launched enterprises. We can also work with you on bylaws, buy-sell agreements and other internal standards related to business governance and ownership.

Insightful advocates work to obtain business licenses and permits

Establishing a legal business entity is just the first step toward getting a new venture off the ground. Our firm can examine your particular operation to determine what type of licenses, permits and other types of authorizations are necessary to open your doors legally. Whether you need a liquor license to run a restaurant, are required to meet certain environmental standards or require the approval of any regulating government body, we prepare the proper application materials and will help you avoid costly mistakes.

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