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Southwest Louisiana firm seeks to establish appropriate arrangements

Stockwell, Sievert, Viccellio, Clements & Shaddock, L.L.P. provides skillful representation to Louisiana clients in all types of child custody matters, including modification and enforcement proceedings. From our office in Lake Charles, our family lawyers conduct a thorough review of the relevant circumstances to foster the best possible arrangements addressing legal authority, physical custody and visitation rights.

Dedicated family lawyers advise on factors affecting visitation and custody

If you’re going through a divorce or the end of a nonmarital relationship with a co-parent, our firm gives you the information you need to understand pertinent legal issues such as:

  • Primary vs. joint custody — Louisiana authorities encourage joint custody arrangements, where both parents have responsibility for decision-making and residential arrangements. When these types of orders benefit your son and daughter, our firm works diligently to hammer out the details in a manner that satisfies everyone involved. If primary legal and/or physical custody benefits the child more, our firm advocates for this type of resolution.
  • Visitation rights — Unless there is an allegation of abuse, a parent who does not have physical custody of their child must receive access to their child. Where conflicts or complications prevent the parties from settling on visitation arrangements, we can use negotiation, mediation and litigation to work these issues out. After gaining an understating of the situation, we pursue workable solutions and highlight details, such as holidays and transportation, that might have been overlooked.  
  • Factors affecting custody — Deciding what is in a young person’s best interests can be a complicated process. When the matter goes before a judge, any factor can be relevant, including the 12 listed by state law, such as the child’s emotional ties with each parent, each parent’s fitness, the stability provided in each home and the young person’s “reasonable preference” if they are sufficiently mature to state it.

No matter the age, we know how vital it is to establish appropriate custody, visitation and child support terms when creating a supportive environment for young people who’ve gone through a difficult time.

Established firm uses mediation to resolve disputes between parents

When parents end their relationship, both should focus on what’s best for their children, but their conflicts can sometimes make it difficult to reach agreement on custody and visitation issues. A qualified family law mediator may be able to give both sides a better perspective on the situation so they can concentrate on their son’s or daughter’s well-being. Our firm provides mediation services in custody cases and also represents these parties during these discussions. By fostering consensus, mediation can ensure that each side feels they had a direct impact on the result, which might not occur if they’re made to comply with a decision made by a judge after a hearing.

Skilled advocates handle modification and enforcement actions

As children grow up, their needs change quickly. Parents also often experience life events that alter how they can handle their responsibilities. When a custody order is in place, proposed modifications such as home relocations must be brought before the court. Parents who wish to move out of state or at least 75 miles away within Louisiana due to a job change, family illness or some other compelling circumstance have to provide at least 60 days’ notice to their co-parent. If the relocation is opposed, they must demonstrate in a “contradictory hearing” that the move is in the child’s best interests. Our firm’s personalized approach to these cases enables us to provide a strong argument in these matters and in situations where court action is necessary to enforce custody and visitation orders.     

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