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Louisiana firm handles various tasks during business transactions

At every stage of a business transaction, the mergers and acquisitions attorneys of Stockwell, Sievert, Viccellio, Clements & Shaddock, L.L.P. in Lake Charles deliver valuable legal guidance. Regardless of the industry involved or the complexity of the deal, our firm helps companies perform due diligence, manage leadership issues, draft authoritative contracts and address potential legal and regulatory obstacles.

Knowledgeable attorneys advise on the purchase and sale of companies and assets

Whether the transaction at issue is a stock purchase or also includes all of a company’s assets, we manage the legal aspects of business acquisitions so that buyers can maximize the potential value of their settlement and sellers can emerge with the highest compensation possible. Companies in various industries depend on our firm to advise on:

  • Due diligence — From the start, we gather the necessary documents and outside information to develop a thorough perspective on a target company’s operations and financial situation.
  • Corporate governance — Completing a deal demands strict adherence to legal and internal guidelines. Moreover, after the transaction is completed, corporate governance provisions might need to be amended or revised based on the new circumstances.
  • Antitrust and regulatory considerations — We deliver a thorough analysis of any regulatory or antitrust issues that might arise from a stock or asset transaction.
  • Tax matters — Before you close a sale or acquisition, it’s critical to understand the tax consequences that will follow.

Nothing substitutes for sound preparation when you’re buying or selling a business interest. Our firm has the skill and real-world track record to help you negotiate from a position of strength.

Proven legal counselors represent parties in corporate mergers

No matter the industry, bringing together two business organizations presents complex challenges. To ease the transition, our insightful business attorneys offer comprehensive counsel on various types of mergers, such as:

  • Conglomerate — These mergers involve companies in unrelated fields that combine. Sometimes, the main motivation is financial opportunity, while in other cases, businesses could seek to enter new areas.
  • Horizontal — This occurs if two or more firms in the same industry unite to create an entity to gain greater control over the market.
  • Vertical — Vertical mergers exist when two organizations that focus on different aspects of a product or service join together. For example, a lumber company and furniture maker might merge to reduce friction within the supply chain.
  • Product extension — If businesses make or sell similar items, they might join to extend the reach of their combined brand.
  • Market extension — Companies that do the same thing in different markets sometimes effectuate these mergers so that their geographic reach is broadened.

As with acquisitions, mergers raise important questions regarding due diligence, financial matters and possible antitrust concerns. Moreover, the fact that both parties will have some stake in the new venture can trigger significant conflicts over leadership, corporate standards and decision-making going forward. Drawing on our background and knowledge of the pertinent laws, we deliver strong representation to help maximize the likelihood of a successful merger.

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